PT. Maxi Global Nusantara will tend to develop engineering department integrated with inter discipline of sciences, the engineering company stands of group of experts and engineers who have many experiences in their professionalism. Provide the total installation, maintenance, repaired and supply for VSAT and other telecommunication equipment. Supervision in development and facilities in telecommunication and hardware/software maintenance services as well.


  • Installation (Foundation, Ps Antenna, Pointing, Cross poll, Cable Withdrawal, Device Installation, Test Call), On Line.


  • MGN provides maintenance services for VSAT devices, We offer quality solutions to problems that occur with your VSAT installation, repair and maintenance. Supported by experienced technicians and customer satisfaction program gives you a sense of security and satisfaction of our service.


  • Partners of PT AJN for the work of Merah Putih in the Maluku region, and PT Daya Mitra Telekomunikasi (MITRATEL), PT MEGATEL for Project USO Perbatasan Telinfo Project – 2014. RADIO LINK MW.

  • Survey dan Instalasi I&C, ATP dan PAC